Macbook Charging Playing up.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by preet1469, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. preet1469 macrumors newbie

    Jul 6, 2016
    Hey guys, i am using a macbook pro mid 2010 and the issue i am having with my mbp is that charging on it keep stopping and starts again after few seconds. Like when i plug in the charger into macbook it will show the green light on the charger tip and macbook is charging, then after few seconds light will turn red on the charging tip but still macbook is charging. But then after few seconds red light will stop on charger tip and it will go dark then again after 2 or 3 seconds green light will come up again and macbook will start charging and this process will keep repeating. It still charges my macbook but i am very annoyed with this issue so if someone can tell me whats going on with my macbook and how to fix it. It would be great. Ta
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    Apr 27, 2010
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    Attempt an SMC reset:

    If it doesn't work, you may have an issue either with the MagSafe DC-in board or the battery in your machine.
    Have you tried to see if the power supply to it works stably if you disconnect the internal battery and run without it?
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    Sounds very similar to what my Mid-2010 was doing. Considering my screen was starting to flicker as well I figured there was something up with the power board and bought a new machine.

    I'd tried multiple SMC resets and even my other half's charger and neither worked. Mine would start charging normally if left for 30 mins or so but was temperamental. Using Coconut Battery I could see that the 'Charging with' value was erratic at times. For a few months running up to this I was also having issues with the the computer taking hours to charge from 99-100% despite Time until full reporting 0:00. The battery only had 230 cycles (my other half's original Unibody MB has over 600!) so I would be surprised if that was the root cause. Oddly the machine charged from 99-100% faster under my Snow Leopard Partition so could be some new battery management under El Capitan, but not seen any reference to it.

    If you have access to one, try a different charger. My Ex GF's MB had a charger fail after 3 years, it would add around 30% charge to whatever was on the battery then cut out then start charging again after a few mins to an hour. We thought it was a duff battery and had it tested at an AASP but they said they couldn't find or reproduce the fault. Switching to the charger from my computer and it was fine so we ordered a new charger.
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    Jul 6, 2016
    Yes same thing is happening with my mbp, firstly the screen started flickering but it was fixed after i reset the smc. And the charging also stucks at 99% and then takes ages to get to 100 %. Yes i think there's a issue with a charger but unfortunately i dont have another charger to try. I will try to get one soon. cheers
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    i have already tried resetting smc but not running the machine without internal battery. Will try it at and post the result here. Thanks

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