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    Hey guys, quick question regarding my next setup move.

    Essentially my setup currently is a desktop Mac. It’s become clear that a 2nd portable machine would be useful for my workflow. However, I do expect to continue use the main machine for heavy lifting when it comes to large files and processor heavy stuff. The notebook will primarily serve as a 2nd/portable device. This will allow me to take some light work with me.

    I’ll do the “usual” stuff on it most people use for work, coding, web browsing, emails and so on. The only specific (and potentially taxing) thing I’d like to get out of the device, is the ability to play fairly large sized Keynote presentations (2GB+) and more which will be created on the main Mac. It would also need to hook up to projectors in mystery locations with the relevant adapters.

    I'm not looking to spec the machine up, I'll probably just take a stock option. At the moment, the base Macbook Pro and the base 13" Macbook Air come in at comparable prices with different pros/cons. I feel the new Macbook might be out of contention because of the port issue. It does appear to be a great machine, but one for the future. So I'm torn between the Air and the Pro. At the moment I favour the Air despite it perhaps going out of commission because it is a tad more portable than the Pro. Although retina is a standard these days, as a 2nd computer I'm not sure the premium is necessarily worth it, since I won't be editing photos, watching movies etc etc....

    If anyone uses notebooks for presentations, or has made this choice recently, please let me know what you came up with! Is the air good for hooking up to external screens and presenting?
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    I would avoid the MBA, and opt for the rMBP if I had to choose between the two. The weight/size difference between the two are not that much. the rMBP has a better CPU, GPU, and the screen being retina is much better. The only thing the MBA has going for it, imo, is the battery life.

    As for the MacBook, if port issue is the only factor, wouldn't a dongle correct that?
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    Thanks. Re: the MBr, I would not rule that model out completely if people were suggesting it should handle those needs mentioned above with ease. I've just read a few reviews suggesting it is great if you're only doing low powered work. I'm not sure how the presentation thing impacts that. Comments about the experience with that particular machine for presenting are very welcome.

    I guess then my thought would be (based on your comment) for the money; the Pro should offer more power and flexibility even if choosing the base model. All of that in a still reasonably portable form?

    PS: this is likely to be a pre-conference purchase, so I'm not waiting for refreshes at this stage.

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