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    Jan 30, 2010
    Before I start, I'd like to say it is essentially I could do this on my macbook and eliminate the problem. Infact, I already have that stuff setup on the macbook, but I need the resources with Illustrator, PS and about 30 other apps open when I get into what I'm doing. Coldfusion is a resource hog, but I like it. Until Apple can sell a Macbook with more than 4GB allowance, this is the way it'll need to be done for me to get the power and environment I want when I want it. This is the reason I moved from windows to apple years ago. Because those spinning hourglasses ate up a lot of hours of my time a week. So I separate and delegate tasks to machines. The mini is simple and light weight.

    I'm a web developer, primarily CF+Flex. About 4 years ago, I converted over to MAC completely. I was pretty fluent with linux before I converted over to Apple, so I was more than comfortable. I'll be a bit detailed incase any other web devs find this solution appealing. So here it goes...thanks for listening. Yes there is a question at the end... err now I'm contemplating if this should be two threads... argh.

    So I have a cluster of RH web servers at SL in Texas, yet I'm located in Ontario on a wireless uplink (the tower is next door) - I like nature. So I cancelled my online dev server which replicates the web servers that I used on a DSL line for years. So I was kinda forced to buy a Mac Mini off of Ebay for $450, stack it full of 4GB RAM, and just called it a DevPod.

    My goal is I to replicate my production servers at SL. so I installed XAMPP, Coldfusion 8 and dropped all of my frameworks, sites, snippets, projects and scripts to it. Everything Went smooth. I edited my /etc/hosts file on all machines to use a 'dev' based domain. So for instance, if I want to call it will shoot me over to the DevPod (Mini). I configured the sites in XAMPP and all is working flawlessly. I even have a folder to my sites, scripts, snippets, etc on the sidebar of all of my finder screens. And I can login and use the GUI. Rock.

    Daily, the cronjob rsyncs the files that change daily with another mini whose jobs is to download stuff, filtermail, and store backups..essentially that has a bunch of external drives connected to it. Tar-based backups exist for the important stuff for sure.

    Okay so now everything works, I even have a button in the web app I built to sync files from my devPod to the master production server, who then updates the slave production servers an hour later. COOL!

    Now here is my LONG question. Mobility.

    If I want to travel with my DevPod (Mini), I shouldn't need a display, keyboard or mouse... which is kickass. Lets just say.. I see myself traveling for a bit with a truck and a small camper.

    I primarily use my macbook pro to design and develop with. Eclipse edits files on the DevPod over AFP which are auto-mounted when I log in when I'm in my office. I can still edit files if I create an Airport network on the DevPod (Mini), and connect to it with my Macbook. It connects fine, I can see and even transfer files. But I do need to view my changes in a browser using And that is not working when I'm connected to the DevPod using wireless.

    Apparently I can't get an IP of the Airport network though...

    Is there another method i could use to call up a website on the Devpod through a browser on my macbook. Preferably wirelessly or Bluetooth.. without using a router or separate device?

    I already have my macbook tethering with Rogers so I'd like to reserve PAN so the Devpod can tether thru the iphone just for deploying file changes to production servers.

    Anyway to set the IP range of a wireless network between two computers? Or even Hard set the IP? Even in /etc/hosts ?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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