Macbook dies without AC power!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jcstites, Aug 19, 2009.

  1. jcstites macrumors newbie

    Aug 19, 2009
    My Macbook has been working flawlessly for almost 2 years and then yesterday it won't work on battery power. It works fine when on AC power, but dies in about 2 seconds if I remove the ac plug. OSX says the battery is fully charged, and the lights on the battery say its full as well.

    I have reset the SMC, but haven't been able to run the hardware test because I don't have my install dvd with me.

    I know the number of cycles is high, but the mAh is still good correct?

    Here are the battery specs -

    Battery Information:

    Model Information:
    Serial Number: DP-ASMB016-3723-852d
    Manufacturer: DP
    Device name: ASMB016
    Pack Lot Code: 0002
    PCB Lot Code: 0000
    Firmware Version: 102a
    Hardware Revision: 0500
    Cell Revision: 0102
    Charge Information:
    Charge remaining (mAh): 4782
    Fully charged: Yes
    Charging: No
    Full charge capacity (mAh): 4806
    Health Information:
    Cycle count: 622
    Condition: Good
    Battery Installed: Yes
    Amperage (mA): 0
    Voltage (mV): 12510
  2. jmann macrumors 604


    Dec 8, 2007
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    Maybe try resetting PRAM? Have you removed/reinserted the battery?
  3. ZebraineZ macrumors 6502

    Mar 17, 2009
    I'm not sure, but the battery might be dead. Does it show an X on the battery status menu?

    This same thing happened to me (except mine was less then a year old, about 6 months) so your lucky at least you used yours for 2 years. I got it replaced for free when i took my computer back to bestbuy because of a harddrive failure.
  4. dukebound85 macrumors P6


    Jul 17, 2005
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    i had that happen to me as well after 2 years

    thought my computer died as it would just shut off on batt

    turned out the batt was bulging and got a new batt and its all working good now
  5. jcstites thread starter macrumors newbie

    Aug 19, 2009
    Tried the pram, no luck.

    Took the battery out and put it back in, multiple luck.

    It does not have an X in the icon, it says charged and everything looks perfectly normal.

    The only thing I cant figure out is that it was working perfectly 2 days ago. Battery was still lasting over 3 hours. Do they just go out like this? Or could it be something else?
  6. dukebound85 macrumors P6


    Jul 17, 2005
    5045 feet above sea level
    its most likely the i mentioned, i had the same issue as you. didnt have a red x or anything

    you know of anyone else with a mb to try swapping batteries to see?

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