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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by MacBH928, Mar 18, 2009.

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    May 17, 2008
    So this is first time I decided to buy laptop over desktop, cause desktops are more durable and dependable. But gone days where I work the computer to the max. I need mobility.

    I went to the store to see myself after I heard people complain that the macbook display is not as good as the pro. How bad can it be? I don't complain much about this kind of thing. I went to the store, and GOD does the macbook display look dull. Without comparing it to nothing I can tell it was really dark and dull. It was just a bad display for a $1300 notebook.

    I thought maybe the brightness was turned down, so i turned it all the way up hardly anything changed. I asked the store guy to switch on the pro, it was bright in colors. There was even an old powerbook next to it that had a brighter display(although it had kind of a yellowish tint). I looked at the imac screen and boy is it big and beautiful.

    Is this how the macbook's display is? Maybe they turned down some kind of setting? It looks like it is on a weak battery or something. I just need input to make sure of this, I simply cant pay that much into a display that dull . i have to tell you that we pay $300 extra too(prices here suck). Shall I check another store?
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    Nov 10, 2008
    I agree the MB display is not as good as one should expect from a notebook in this price range, but I consider it "good" and not "terrible" display.

    On the samples I've seen there is plenty of brightness. The problem is a pathetic contrast ratio so when you crank up the brightness the display looks washed out and the blacks are more grey than black. The viewing angle is also pretty poor in this screen and you have to get the angle near perfect to get consistant quality from top to bottom - if you are off a bit the top or bottom will be darker or lighter.

    If you go into SystemPreferences, Displays, Colors, Calibrate and choose the TV gamma this helps the washed out look at the cost of a bit of brightness but still offers plenty of brightness on my machine at least. If you play with the calibration in the wrong ways you can truely make the display look terrible so maybe thats the issue on the one you saw (or maybe there is a hardware issue).

    Hope this helps

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