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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mac-mania, Jul 28, 2008.

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    Hi all.

    Simple question, just looking for an answer from you guys. I used to have an iBook G4 for several years before getting an HP laptop. I think I'm going to switch back, and get a MacBook but I was wondering about something. With the old iBook I couldn't ever stretch the screen to an external display, you were forced to mirror. Is that same limitation still in place for the MacBook. I remember I had to use some sort of third-party solution.

    Also, I know this has been asked a million times, but make it a million and one. How well does World of Warcraft run on the MacBook. I don't want to buy a MacBook Pro with discrete graphics card, to run one game.


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    I accidentally my whole location.

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    I just started to use an external display with my Macbook a couple days ago because I gave my desktop away. I use the external display with the macbook lid closed, so you'll need to have a USB/Bluetooth keyboard & mouse combo.
    1. Have an mini DVI to DVI/VGA adapter
    2. Have the power, keyboard, and mouse plugged in
    3. Close the lid of the macbook
    4. Turn on external display
    5. Plug in the mini DVI adapter
    6. Press any key on the keyboard
    7. Now your external display should work with the lid closed, and you can adjust the resolution as needed.
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    What you are describing is extending your display across two monitors (dualview or vertical span) and this is how I have my MacBook setup at home with a 20" ViewSonic LCD with dualview. It works great.

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