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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by BovaM3someday, Oct 9, 2008.

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    Jul 14, 2008
    hey everybody, i am new here and new with macs. i have posted here before with simple questions, and i got all the right answers, so i would like to say thanks :cool: well i got my macbook back in june, and i love it. no complaints. my previous notebook was a was great, 17in. screen, it had all the bells and whistles but i like my macbook alot better. well last summer (2007) i got a WD external, 160 gig. awesome hd, i love it. well i plugged it into my gateway and transfered all of the things that i wanted to (pictures, movies, my itunes library, etc) well, when i unplugged the HD from my gateway and tried to play a song on itunes, it wouldnt play. i got a message that said something like "original location of song cant be located" i got this message obviously because my HD was unplugged. well, i use the same HD with my macbook. still have all of my music and files on it. this time with the macbook, my music still plays on itunes when my HD is not plugged it. why is this? is my music on itunes also on my mac HD as well as my WD hard drive? sorry for the stupid question, i am new with macs, and i was just curious. i just want to make sure that i am not taking up any unnecessary space on my Mac HD, considering i like to keep everything on my external. thanks for the help, i really appreciate it!
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    Yes, you have the box ticked (in itunes prefs on the mac) to copy songs to the designated itunes library for your mac (which is, by your question, on your mac).

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