MacBook Fan Failure


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Sep 24, 2006
Hi all,
After my MacBook going in for repair with a UK certified apple dealer to replace cracking palm rests i now have another problem.

After noticing my MacBook turning off for no apparent reason, or restarting i discovered that iStat Pro showed 0rpm for the fan, even after using utilities to control the fan speed.

So now i am stuck using the internet, without flash or video, MSN and pages in order to complete coursework to avoid it overheating, as this is my only computer.

It is now out of it's one year warranty with no Apple care, so i have chosen to buy a new fan and replace it myself, but after a little research i found this part to be at least £25! Which seems far too expensive for a small fan to me. Does anyone know where i could get hold of a fan for less than this brand new?

I take it i cannot purchase apple care now as it has been out of warranty for a week, and already has an issue, and by doing the repair myself i would void any warranty at all?

Thank you in advance for any advice,



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Jul 4, 2007
I had the same problem a month or so ago. For weeks I refused to pay $50 (us) for a cheap little fan. Everyone kept telling me, "Oh, you should be happy its not $100! 50 bucks is cheap!" but its a freakin FAN! And one of the cheapest computer fans i've ever seen! You can get bigger, faster, quieter, better standard PC fans for less than 5 dollars. It's just insane how much they charge for these things. But alas, I have found no other alternative. I sucked it up and dropped the cash for a new one. It felt really bad too, knowing that that right next to my computer lies a brand new, still in box 120MM fan that was given to me for free. Oh, the world of Apple.

Anyways, sorry I couldn't be of any help, I needed to get that out.


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Jun 27, 2007
seems to be a common thing with the MB's. I have an appointment to take mine in tonight. Is this something i can wait while they fix it or is this something they have to keep overnight? thanks


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Sep 24, 2006

Hi again,

Just thought i should post an update, as my warranty had ran out i decided to take my MacBook apart as i was replacing the fan, but when i pulled the original out, the blades were stuck, not catching on anything in the housing. I dislodged it and tried it again, to my surprise it still works and is far quieter than the replacement fan i received, the new fans motor was very audible compared to just being able to hear the air moving with the original fan.

I also got a response from Apple as a result of e-mail Steve Jobs directly, where i was told as my MacBook was only a week out of warranty they would have authorised a repair centre near me to repair it.

Thank you for contributions to my original post.



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Aug 24, 2006
Fredericton NB Canada
My MacBook fan has failed after just 6 months.....showing 000rpm.....its going in for repair this lunchtime.....more days without my mac while its fixed......

I am so sick of having to take my Macs in for repair on things that shouldent fail but do, again and again and again.............