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    I am trying to use my 2015 macbook pro as a work drive when connected to my iMac in TDM. I have used TDM for file transfers but never for long term usage. Is there any sort of issue with doing it this way? I can have the shell open or closed so it doesnt matter. Can anyone think of any issues with this? Also as a work drive would there be much of an issue with using FW800 vs TB?

    Im trying to use LR with one library. LR does not allow you to work a library that resides on a network drive so instead of moving files back and forth or taking an external drive, I want to keep the LR library files (not the images) on the macbook drive for mobile work and then mount it at home in TDM so I can use the iMac for home editing. Thoughts?
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    would be useful if you told us what model and specs of each computer and why you don't want to work from the MacBook Pro. if it's just screen real estate? maybe try Target Display Mode on the iMac. FW800 will give you only a fraction of the throughput of the SSD on your MBP. Definitely use Thunderbolt.

    Now I have no experience with Lightroom but if all you are intending to do is use the Library from your MBP, then potentially other files: Caches, metadata, logs, databases, would be stored on the iMac? So you would still in some ways be confounding the process by splitting it between 2 different computers? you could avoid that by booting the iMac from your MBP's system. but since you mentioned FireWire and Thunderbolt, likely it is a 2011 iMac. might your MBP be the faster machine? if so your best bet is again, Target Display Mode.
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    The iMac is a 2011 quad i5 2.5 with 32gb of ram. The MacBook is a 2015 dual i5 2.7 with 8gb of ram. The iMac is faster with Lightroom and PS running than the MacBook is. Screen real estate isn't the issue as I have a 27" LG 4k. I was using it in the configuration you suggested. MacBook as main computer, LG as main display, 21.5" iMac in target display mode. In that configuration with LR and PS running as well as a website or 2 the machine began to be slow.

    Lightroom uses a library file as well as 2 previews files. The image files themselves reside on a USB 3 drive that is connected to the TB2 hub that is currently connected to the iMac. In the previous configuration the hub was connected to the MacBook. In lightroom you can work with images even if the original image files are not present with smart previews. So the key files are the library file and the 2 previews files.

    The idea is that when I am home I want to use the faster computer for those apps and that seems to be the iMac, probably because of the added ram. Lightroom will not allow you to open and work with a library file on a network drive so the only way to read from the MacBook is target disc mode. And when I go to the field I am not doing much editing, more of unloading and culling of images. Lightroom works best when you have one library and is designed to work that way instead of having multiple libraries. Its also easier to move files around when you use one library. The library files with smart previews can be upwards of 10GB so copying that folder back and forth is out and I want to avoid using external drives. Thats just one more thing for my forgetful ass to lose.

    Hopefully that clears things up.

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