Macbook getting scratched up on the inside can i contact Apple?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by waynechriss, Oct 26, 2009.

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    Sep 7, 2009
    My summer 09 macbook is nice and all but i'm having aesthetic problems. When i open it up, the area around the screen and keyboard are getting scratches and black marks. that is because when i carry my macbook with me, the insides rub together (it feels so unstable). I took it to a Apple store because when i close the macbook the top and bottom feels like it'll break (it moves slightly side to side) and they told me they could not do anything about it because that was how the macbook was designed. I forgot to ask about the scratches on the inside.

    The knicks and scratches on the inside arent' severe but they are building up all around and they are noticeable. I won't be able to go to the apple store again because the closest is 2 hours away. Do you think if i could contact apple they could so something about it? I only had this for about 2 1/2 months but i started bringing it with my to school for 1 1/2 months and its already getting knicked on the inside.
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    Apr 10, 2009
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    What you are experiencing is certainly not normal. The MacBook is solidly engineered and there should therefor not be a "side to side" movement of the type you are experiencing. It sound to me as if you may have a problem with the hinges on your machine. (too much play or broken?) In your case I would certainly contact Apple Care and ask them to have it checked out. You do not have to travel there, it could be arranged via a parcel service. My MacBook 09 has no side to side movement and therefore also no scratches of the type you are seeing. You can of course place a soft thin cloth in between the cover and the lid when you close it. These you can buy ready made from various companies for your Mac model (mostly expensive) but any soft cloth cut to size will do. One normally does this to prevent the keys from pressing against the display thereby leaving marks on it, but it will also help to prevent any scratching. But the point is those scratches should not be there in the first place and would not be there if the machine closed properly. Also make sure that you always keep it in a protective cover when you carry it to school. The MacBook is a great machine but do remember that the polycarbonate body is prone to scratch quite easily also on the outside so it is best to protect it as best one can
    Hope you get this solved. Have a nice day

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