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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by ClemsonDV, Jul 30, 2012.

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    Mar 31, 2012
    My wife has aMacbook (late 2008) unibody that has a cracked glass LCD. LCD is fine, but the glass is cracked all around.

    My question is... do i need to disassemble the whole top to remove and replace? Or can i simply remove and attach as is. Removing all the screws and stuff just seems too precarious for me and I don't want to cause more harm to it.

    anyone got suggestions?
  2. dtjay7, Jul 30, 2012
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    I have done it a couple of times. You don't need to remove the display, but it does make it easier to work on. There are several videos on you-tube that show how to do it. Be careful with the LCD and don't scratch it. Also it is usual to use a heat gun or blow dryer to loosen the adhesive that holds the glass. But, be careful with how you heat it. It is possible to overheat the LCD and damage it. Also, the rubber piece that goes around the glass is easily distorted by the removal. There is a metal retainer that for the iSight camera, don't lose it. (I have done that before.)

    The first time a damaged the rubber and it really bothered me that it was not smooth and even any more. The second time my husband decided to help and we damaged the LCD and then had to replace it. The third time went well.

    If you aren't comfortable working on it, it is best to send it to someone like tech restore to have it done. If you take it apart, I would recommend an ice cube tray to keep track of the screws removed in order using iFixit's instructions.

    You may want to ask in the MacBook Pro forum because the glass is only on a limited number of MacBooks and more common in the MacBook Pros.
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    as above mentioned, iFixit is a great place to start with this stuff

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