MacBook Hangs on Apple Gray Screen

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by heesey1010, Apr 26, 2011.

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    A little bit of a weird case here...helping out a friend of mine who has a 2.4 gHz White MacBook, 2GB RAM with latest 10.5 updates. She noticed that her iCal was acting sort of wonky, so I told her to go do some system updates. Upon updating, everything seemed fine...except iCal was still acting up again. Some days later, she was working on something when all of a sudden the screen went black and her sleep indicator light went on, but the computer wouldn't respond to any commands so she turned it off (pressed down power button until it turned off). When she turned it back on, the Apple gray screen came up with the progress indicator swirling, but for forever. I did the normal things such as reset PRAM, SMC, all that fun stuff, and nothing worked. I went in to Verbose Mode and found that it would just hang after saying something about loading the ethernet adapter (can't remember the line...something like "Apple Yukon yadda yadda", but I knew it was the Ethernet adapter for sure). I thought it had hung there...until I did it again and accidentally unplugged the computer and then a new line came up saying how the power state was different.

    I tried to go to Disk Utility with my Leopard DVD that I have and I tried to repair disk permissions...but while the physical hard drive was detected, the actual "Macintosh HD" wasn't mounted, therefore I couldn't run disk permissions. I tried to do an install...but after clicking "Agree" to the EULA the Installer just froze (probably because it couldn't detect a partition to install on?).

    Any suggestions/causes for problems? Part of me thinks it's a bad hard drive...although part of me also thinks it may be a somewhat faulty logic board (even though Apple Hardware Test came back clean). Thanks!
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