Macbook has slowed down a huge amount (its unusable)

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Tim018, Aug 13, 2009.

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    May 31, 2009
    Ok, so heres the deal. Ive had my macbook for about 2 months and its seemed to working just fine. However today while listening to music it decided to lock up and freeze for a good minute before it would unlock and continue playing the music through itunes. It did this a few times so i finally decided to restart the computer. The first time i booted it it froze on the apple logo and the loading circle. I killed it and rebooted, it takes about four to five minutes to get to the desktop picture, and another five to pull up the main menu bar. Im going to let it sit over night and see if it gives me any error messages, however; i still havent seen the dock at all, and ive let it start for about twenty mintues now. It will usually show the top menu bar and then the mouse will give me the sbod while it slowly loads up the top menu bar, and usually the clock is a good few minutes behind. I have tried a pram zap, draining the power off the board, checking the sata connection, unplugging the power, and i ran a hardware check at start up and it said everything was ok. Im completely lost here.

    Ive had this mac for less than two months and it has been more of a pain in the butt than any other computer i have ever used, im currently typing on my tank of a toshiba laptop that still works after being dropped multiple times and has been heavily used for a good 3 years. The mac has been comptelely useless is most work situations and has been an absolute pain for almost everything i have done where my pc was incredibly simple for almost every task. Its a refurbished 2.53ghz 4gb ram 9600m 512mb 15" mbp. I am thinking of reformatting it and hoping it works, and then selling it and using the money for a new toshiba or a custom built desktop, because i just cant deal with the amount of money and time i have lost trying to deal with this thing while i could have been getting work done. I hate to post such a stressed and complaining thread but this thing has been nothing but issues and the most recent crash hasnt helped. This crash today has put me back so far on work and school and i just dont have time for it, and i never had to put up with this on my custom built or my old toshiba. Anyways, advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    Don't the refurbs come with the same 1 year of applecare? Take it in to the apple store if you're totally stuck.

    My guess is hard drive, but it sounds like you've already tested that. Try a spare if you've got it.
    Also try booting it with only one stick of ram (try both sticks separately)...
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    Agreed! Sounds like it's failing, take it in and have it replaced.
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    Nov 27, 2008
    Yea I turned on my 2 week old MBP today and the desktop icons never loaded, the dock did but I couldn't highlight anything. After 3 minutes, the beachball finally came on. Just 2 weeks after getting it, I had to already hold the power button to turn it off. I still like my MBP and of course I'll be able to give it a good review after it survives 3-4 years of college, but now I sort of wish instead of paying $1350 on a 13" MBP, that I had gotten a HP Quad Core Desktop with Blu-Ray, 1 TB HDD, and a really nice GFX card for $650 (yes that's right, $650, and I already have a 32" HDTV that would have been the monitor) for my dorm where I'd be doing most of my work, and then a $350 netbook that gets 6 hours battery life, sure it would have been 10" and not as fast but it would fulfill its purpose of being portable and allowing me to take it anywhere. But now of course it's too late, I'll probably end up getting a desktop in 2 years, in which case it'll have i7 or something even better.
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    It does sound like harddrive failure but I would try booting with 1 stick of ram first just to rule that out. Bad ram can do many things.

    Unfortunately no matter what the manufacturer computer components go bad and there is no time table for it. I've seen out of the box harddrives fail and I've seen harddrives go for 10 years.

    Ram is the same way, but much less likely to fail.

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