MacBook HELP!!


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Mar 13, 2012
Hi all,

Recently my back screen unit has broke and being that my macpro is 2008/9 i really dont wanna pony up the dough for a replacement screen unit (told between £500-700) considering I bought a new CPU 7months ago. Can anyone help me to see the best way I can sell the laptop as I am looking to buy an iMac (MacPro is broke cos of my stupidity so want a stationary computer!).


Nov 28, 2010
So do you have a MacBook, MacBook Pro or Mac Pro? Those are three different computer models?
I guess it is one of the first too, due to the mentioning of a screen, but using words like "I bought a new CPU 7months ago" makes me doubt that, as the MB and MBP don't have replaceable CPUs).
Anyway, eBay or Craigslist is your best bet to get rid of that computer, selling it as defect due to broken screen. What you can get for it: Mac2Sell, Gazelle or eBay (Việt Nam, Türkiye, Česká republika, Hanguk) might be good price checkers.
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