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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jaded-mandarin, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. jaded-mandarin macrumors regular

    Jan 1, 2008
    After playing with my friend's MacBook, and having a long hard think, I'm definitely of the opinion that the hinge on my MacBook is far too loose. It can still support itself, but I get major wobble upon opening, it even wobbles when I type (not ferociously). I don't get any sort of resiliance when I try to open or close it, I literally have to be careful as so not to slam it, it's like I'm closing thin air. It just doesn't feel sturdy enough for a notebook which needs everyday carting around and use.

    Also when the MB is closed the top lid (with the screen) slides a bit this way and that over the base. Only a few millimeters, but enough to notice.

    The problem is, I'm most likely only going to get one opportunity to get to see an :apple: genius. The MB is covered by AppleCare and so forth, but will the genius open the thing up right there and then and give whatever needs tightening a good tighten? Have any of you experienced this issue before and was it solved, and if so how? (Time, in-store or send off job, etc etc)

    Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Scarlet Fever macrumors 68040

    Scarlet Fever

    Jul 22, 2005
    It sounds like the screws which hold the hinge to the computer are a bit loose. If you feel confident in taking the top case off by yourself, its a dead easy thing to fix. Here's a guide for you. When you get the keyboard off, you just need to tighten the screws either side of the hinge.

    If not, it really shouldn't take too long for an Apple tech to fix it up.
  3. jaded-mandarin thread starter macrumors regular

    Jan 1, 2008
    I'm quite clumsy, so I may just leave it to :apple:

    But thankyou, knowing it is an easy to solve issue (touchwood) makes me feel better.
  4. logana macrumors 65816


    Feb 4, 2006
    More likely to be one of the hinges has broken - probably the shaft has snapped.
    Take it to the Genius Bar - explain the circumstances and they may be able to fix it there and then but most likely you will need to leave the machine for a day or 2.
  5. livelaughlove macrumors newbie

    Aug 2, 2008
    The Genius you get might be an ******* and say that it was accidental damage and you will be forced to pay for the repair.
  6. jeremybuff macrumors regular

    Mar 3, 2009
    Asheville, NC
    Apple's entire position on the MBA hinges is asinine, they accuse the customer of the issue- "Bending it too far back". Yeah right, who is going to force a $1,800 notebook's screen too far back?!

    Here is a blog post I wrote about it:

    Also, search MRoogle for more.. this hinge will eventually break. Probably soon too. Mroogle: http://mroogle.*************/
  7. ref26 macrumors 6502a


    Mar 13, 2008
    Any update with this? I have a broken hinge on my blackbook (and I'm sure I didn't do anything beyond normal use) and when I took it in the genius said it was considered abuse, but that I could call Applecare and they might be able to help as they have more leeway to make exceptions. I still haven't called as I would probably have to send it in and I was in school and couldn't be without it, but I'm going to give it a try tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  8. PhixionFilms macrumors 6502

    Dec 6, 2008
    Deployed atm
  9. andalusia macrumors 68030


    Apr 10, 2009
    Manchester, UK
    Mine does that, as does my friend's. Seems to be a manufacturing defect. We both have the new e2009 models.

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