MacBook huge delay before sleep.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by domemvs, Jun 8, 2014.

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    Hi guys!

    My MacBook (Late 2008, aluminium) won't go to sleep immediately.

    I've been having this issue since I've updated from Lion to Mavericks a few weeks ago. Before the update the MB went to sleep within 2-3 sec. Now it takes between 20-30 seconds and it really annoys me :D

    I had a similar issue around half a year ago. Back then it was Google Chrome which prevented my Mac from falling asleep immediately. Apparently Google fixed that issue.

    Time stamp                Domain              	Message                                                                    	Duration  	Delay     
    ==========                ======              	=======                                                                    	========  	=====     
    UUID: A46CB1C5-7C2D-4EC2-A8BF-78A326EF9BF6
    08.06.14 23:31:03 MESZ   Sleep               	Software Sleep pid=66: Using AC (Charge:100%)                              	33 secs   
    08.06.14 23:31:17 MESZ   Assertions          	PID 62(mds) Released BackgroundTask "" 00:01:06  id:0xc00000135 [System: BGTask]	          
    08.06.14 23:31:17 MESZ   Assertions          	PID 11(UserEventAgent) Released BackgroundTask "" 00:01:06  id:0xc00000136 [System: BGTask]	          
    [COLOR="Red"]08.06.14 23:31:31 MESZ   Timedout            	PMConnection: Response from timed out (powercaps:0x0)       	          27999 ms  	[/COLOR]
    08.06.14 23:31:31 MESZ   WakeRequests        	Clients requested wake events: None                                        	          
    08.06.14 23:31:36 MESZ   Wake                	Wake [CDNVA] due to EHC2/HID Activity: Using AC (Charge:100%)              	          
    [COLOR="red"]08.06.14 23:31:36 MESZ   SlowResponse        	Kernel: Response from powerd is slow (powercaps:0x0)                       	          28009 ms[/COLOR]  	
    08.06.14 23:31:51 MESZ   Assertions          	PID 84(apsd) Released ApplePushServiceTask "" 00:01:34  id:0xc00000138 [System: BGTask]	
    Here is an excerpt from my log file (pmset -g log). I highlighted suspicious entries. I searched this board and I googled this. There are people with similar logfiles but no one has the exact same issue.

    Can you help me? Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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    Jun 1, 2009
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    Oct 7, 2014
    I'm having the same issue, with Mavericks 10.9.5 on a 2008 Pro Unibody. I haven't found any new information about it, have you?

    Some hints point to it possibly being related to RAM (I'm maxxed up to the 8MB which this model wasn't initially supposed to do). In my case, it may have also been connected to an issue I've had when I don't allow it to sleep all the way: the trackpad ceases to function and the keyboard suddenly has several slow/unresponsive keys. Very strange...

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