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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Fleon85, Mar 14, 2013.

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    Hi guys,

    The other day I was using my macbook late 2008 on my terrace and by accident it fell down from the 3rd floor and it was reduced to crap the screen shattered into a million pieces and the unibody was all destroyed and bended. Thanks God I have insurance on it with Worth Ave Group. I sent it to a third party that the insurance company works with. I thought that it was total lost but I called the company and they said that it's repairable. I asked for the list of the pieces that they are going to replace and they sent me this

    "Parts Needed for Repair:
    Laptop requires display, top case, bottom case, access door, battery, logic board, opt. drive. (This is all the external components, MLB, Optical drive, and Battery. About the only big part that was able to be salvaged was the Hard drive everything else will be new."

    I am not sure if my Frankenstein computer is going to be reliable. I added up the parts and I think it would cost more to money to the insurance company to fix it than 1199.00 for a new one. What are do you think?
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    It's their call under the terms of the insurance contract you accepted. I would suggest touching base with the insurer though and let them know if you have any concerns. They may agree with you about the costing.
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    Before doing that, I would maybe contact the Apple store and see if they could give you an estimate as to how much it would cost you out of pocket for all those repairs. With that in hand, contact the insurance company, give them that figure, then ask if it would not be more cost effective to simply cut you a check for the covered amount (less deductible if you have one).

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