Macbook internet problems with fios

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by themacbooknewb, May 20, 2011.

  1. themacbooknewb macrumors newbie

    May 20, 2011
    So this is a problem I've been having for about a month now and it's only exclusive to the macs in my house. (two of my sisters and myself have macbooks while everyone else uses PCs)

    It's quite a peculiar problem that we have. For some weird reason the internet does not work with the macbooks. All the macbooks can connect to the router and when I ping the individual IPs of each macbook there are 0 packets lost. It's quite frustrating because usually when this happens at the wireless network at school, I can just turn off the airport and wait 30 seconds and it will work.

    Now here's the part that really gets me: the problem is exclusive to the day. For some reason at night time, the internet works for the macbooks. It has caused me to excessively use my macbook at night due to the lost internet usage during the day. It's been bothering my sisters and me for a while. I've gone to the apple store and they say it's because the fios router has a WEP security system and need to be updated to WPA2. I've done that and I still have the same problem. If someone has had the same problem please help me out. I searched the forums first before I posted this and found nothing like the problem I've been having. Please help...I need some ideas to approach this issue.
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    What an idiotic suggestion by the Apple Store. Because everyone knows WEP "encryption" only works with OS X after 6 PM. Whatever the cause of your problem is, this is not it.

    Just so your setup is clear;

    The incoming line goes to a modem, or a modem/router combo? Do you have a separate router for your home? What modem/router combo do you have (model number)?
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    First off, the guy you spoke to at the Apple store is dumb. While WEP is crappy it probably isn't the problem.

    Most likely what you have going on is an access schedule somewhere in the router. The Verizon tech might have set it up or it might be the default.

    If you wouldn't mind could you post the brand and model of each piece of network gear you have other than the FIOS box.
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    I have had FIOS for over 3 years and never a problem with 4 different Macs using wireless connection. Day or night, never an issue. There might be a limit on the fios router as to how many devices you can connect at one time.

    The simple way to diagnose it is to turn off every single computer in the house during the day, then power off the router for 30 seconds then power it back on. Then turn on one macbook and see if it works, then keep adding macs until all are connected then start turning on the PCs.

    The routers sometimes limit you by number of devices that are allowed access at one time.

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