macbook is defeated (Chinese version)


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Aug 6, 2006
You need to know some chinese to play this game: (sorry, couldnt find english version)
fill in the name of the fighters, then start fighting, red numbers indicates the damage received
MD5 fight flash version,v 1.1

macbook HP:184 attack:97 defense:41 speed:73 skill:59 luck:92
macbook pro HP:369 attack:48 defense:96 speed:84 skill:77 luck:61

[macbook pro] poisoned [macbook],[macbook]'s HP reduces to half
[macbook] attacks [macbook pro],[macbook pro] dodges
[macbook pro] attacks [macbook],[macbook] dodges
[macbook] attacks [macbook pro],[macbook pro] receives 72 points damage
[macbook pro] attacks [macbook],[macbook]receives 70 points damage
[macbook] attacks [macbook pro],[macbook pro]receives 82 points damage
[macbook pro] attacks [macbook],[macbook]receives 94 points damage
[macbook] is defeated


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Aug 6, 2006
macmini HP:228 attack:72 defense:92 speed:89 skill:64 luck:78
imac HP:384 attack:40 defense:41 speed:54 skill:92 luck:68

[macmini] attacks [imac],[imac] dodges
[imac] poisoned [macmini],[macmini]'s HP reduced to half
[macmini] burst in anger,holds [imac] on the ground and beat him,[imac]dodges
[imac] attacks [macmini],[macmini] receives 49 points damage
[macmini] curses [imac],all of [imac]'s properties reduced
[imac] attacks [macmini],[macmini] receives 53 points damage
[macmini] attacks [imac],[imac]receives 175 points damage
[imac] attacks [macmini],[macmini]receives 24 points damage
[macmini] is defeated

Don't panic

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Jan 30, 2004
having a drink at Milliways
MD5??flash??v 1.1 CGfan????

stevejobs HP:279 ?:56 ?:91 ?:72 ?:42 ?:63
billgates HP:151 ?:99 ?:77 ?:89 ?:76 ?:43