Macbook just got stolen

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by XYZed, Jul 17, 2009.

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    Jun 8, 2009
    I just had my house broken into for the first time, it's a weird feeling. Anyway, they didn't steal much except for an old crappy Macbook Pro and few year old white Macbook. I'm trying to find a way to track them down (yeah yeah I've talked to the police and all that and their doing their thing). I know that there are some 3rd party programs that can track down the laptop, but none of those were installed on the laptop. However, Macbook was used with Mobileme, and I was wondering if Mobileme could be used to do anything. Or what about serial numbers and stuff. Isn't there any way for my ISP to track the next time the Macbook is connected to the internet?

    Bastard thieves, it's probably those ass bunch trash that go down to the local camp ground every year and break stuff.
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    The MAC address is unique to each computer, as is your serial number.

    Find the MAC address on a network somewhere, somehow, and you can find the location of the computer.

    Have both with you on a proof-of-purchase (or if you have the box, they will both be on there) and when/if you find it, have the police accompany you to confirm your ownership.
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    Nov 19, 2007
    More chance of me sleeping on the moon tonight!
    One of the worst things to do is - giving people false hope.
    The Macbook is gone....forever:(
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    If you enabled Back to my Mac (it must be turned on in the MobileMe preferences), you could try connecting to it that way. Seeing the screen might get you a clue to where it is or who might have it, but that's probably a long shot.
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    Agreed. While I do wish you the best with finding your laptops I also wonder how helpful the police would be in tracking down a computer based on the MAC address; your time might be better spent working on some projects to make some money to give yourself an upgrade. I had my MacBook stolen a few years back, it's rough I know.. Good luck

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