Macbook Kernel Panic 10.5.8


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Oct 22, 2005
Portland, OR
I did a quick search through the forum and didn't see anything specific about this problem. It just started to occur yesterday and nothing has changed on the computer. (Nothing new installed and no external hardware plugged in.)

Basically, it just pops up with the grey screen advising to restart. Sometimes it occurs after waking from sleep, sometimes it occurs after starting up, and sometimes it occurs in the middle of a task. I haven't noticed a specific pattern.

I ran the AHT and everything passed. I also ran Rember and the memory seemed fine in the test. I reset the PRAM and VRAM and the SMC after speaking with Apple. Finally, I reinstalled the OSX clean on the machine and the panics are still occurring.

This is the last panic report from the Macbook 1,1 2.0 with 1.25 GB RAM. I'm hoping it is the RAM and not something with the logic board, but am not sure if that can be ascertained without finding replacement RAM first.

Sat Nov 28 21:32:52 2009
panic(cpu 0 caller 0x001AB0FE): Kernel trap at 0x0013f06e, type 04=page fault, registers:
CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0x0000001c, CR3: 0x01068000, CR4: 0x000006e0
EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x00532b60, ECX: 0x802be795, EDX: 0x00532b6c
CR2: 0x0000001c, EBP: 0x00108e88, ESI: 0x93edad76, EDI: 0x0000018f
EFL: 0x00010006, EIP: 0x0013f06e, CS: 0x00000008, DS: 0x93ed000c
Error code: 0x00000000

Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x108cb8 : 0x12b4c6 (0x45f91c 0x108cec 0x3355c 0x0)
0x108d08 : 0x1ab0fe (0x469a98 0x13f06e 0xe 0x469248
0x108d%8 : 0x1a1713 (0x108e08 0x8 0x4f91c4 0x3031800)
0x108e00 : 0x13f06e (0xe 0x48 0xc 0x4f000c)
0x108e88 : 0x14010d (0x532b60 0x0 0x0 0x0)
0x108ed8 8 0x19c36b (0x4f916c 0x93edaa1b 0x18f 0x30b7020)
0x108f28 : 0x1aa132 (0x0 0x1ac3ec 0x0 0x0)
0x108f78 : 0x1b16c0 (0x2ff27e28 0x0 0x3036d80 0x42)
0x108f98 : 0x44e4

Thanks in advance for any possible insights.

EDIT: I just unplugged the power adapter from the wall and after about a minute or so, the computer restarted on its own. The battery was fully charged, but perhaps that information could shed some more light on the issue.


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Oct 22, 2005
Portland, OR
Here is the most recent report from a short time ago. Perhaps it contains more information. I guess my main question is whether it is possible to discern logic board issues from this report?

Interval Since Last Panic Report: 10988 sec
Panics Since Last Report: 2
Anonymous UUID: 862FC304-9008-4062-A18B-61E36CB6C1A1

Sun Nov 29 17:11:31 2009
panic(cpu 1 caller 0x001AB0FE): Kernel trap at 0x00199c01, type 14=page fault, registers:
CR0: 0x80010033, CR2: 0x201f5000, CR3: 0x01068000, CR4: 0x000006e0
EAX: 0x00000000, EBX: 0x07118000, ECX: 0x00000400, EDX: 0x00001000
CR2: 0x201f5000, EBP: 0x3e46bd88, ESI: 0x00000047, EDI: 0x201f5000
EFL: 0x00010206, EIP: 0x00199c01, CS: 0x00000008, DS: 0x07110010
Error code: 0x0000000b

Backtrace (CPU 1), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x3e46bbc8 : 0x12b4c6 (0x45f91c 0x3e46bbfc 0x13355c 0x0)
0x3e46bc18 : 0x1ab0fe (0x469a98 0x199c01 0xe 0x469248)
0x3e46bcf8 : 0x1a1713 (0x3e46bd10 0x3bfb400 0x3e46bd88 0x199c01)
0x3e46bd08 : 0x199c01 (0xe 0x48 0x3e460010 0x170010)
0x3e46bd88 : 0x1a9825 (0x7118000 0x47 0x1000 0x1c01838)
0x3e46bda8 : 0x15ff19 (0x4707118 0x492dd20 0x0 0x0)
0x3e46bde8 : 0x16354b (0x492dd20 0x0 0x0 0x3)
0x3e46bf58 : 0x1ab39c (0x3760744 0x14449000 0x0 0x3)
0x3e46bfc8 : 0x1a160d (0x2f5f1a4 0x0 0x1a40b5 0x2f5f1a4)
No mapping exists for frame pointer
Backtrace terminated-invalid frame pointer 0xbfffec98

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

Mac OS version:

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 9.8.0: Wed Jul 15 16:55:01 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1228.15.4~1/RELEASE_I386
System model name: MacBook1,1 (Mac-F4208CC8)

System uptime in nanoseconds: 729736977435
unloaded kexts: 2.4.0 - last unloaded 99479132254
loaded kexts: 2.4.0 - last loaded 24472436699 2.1.8f2 2.0.2 1.7.1a2 1.7.1a2 1.7.1a2 2.7.5 6.0.3 5.4.8 2.8.15 5.4.8 5.4.8 320.16.2 1.7.1a2 1.7.7 1.0.6 113 3.4.0a17 1.3.1 1.6.0 1.0.0d28 2.1.1d2 2.1.8f2 3.4.6 1.7.4f1 1.7.4f1 1.7.4f1 2.1.8f2 2.7.91 1.2.2 1.0.9 2.1.1 2.1.1 1.5.3 1.1.0 1.7.0 3.4.9 3.4.9 2.0.1 3.9.7 3.4.6 3.3.5 3.1.13b2 1.2.0 158.10.5 1.2.3 1.4 1.2.5 1.2.5 1.4 1.2.5 1.4 107.12 1.6.77 3 76.2.0 199 30.4 9.4 1.7.1a2 216.1 1.7.1a2 1.6.9fc5 1.1 3.4.0a17 1.7.3 1.7.3 2.3.1d1 2.1.8f2 2.1.8f2 3.4.6 3.2.0 2.1.1 1.5 1.5 1.5 2.1.1 1.5.0 2.0.1 3.4.9 3.4.9 1.6.1 1.2.0 1.1 1.5.6 1.5.5 1.2.5 1.2.0 2.6


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Oct 22, 2005
Portland, OR
Ah, well it looks like it's dead. The Macbook just shutoff again and won't turn back on. The little light next to the iSight blinks faintly green when I press the power button, but nothing else happens. It came to a grey screen briefly the second time I tried, but went black before the startup chime.

This probably points to a logic board failure, right? I would imagine even if it were the hard drive, it could power on and progress a bit further than what is happening. My GF is pretty upset; she loved her little computer!
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