MacBook key is sticky.


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Jan 13, 2006
My MacBook's space bar is really sticky. It started today.

I could always take it somewhere, but is there a way to open it up and just clean a bit under it, etc?

I know on the G3 iBook's we used to have at my elementry school, keys would just pop on and off all the time. But the keyboards where different then.

Can I still do that? What are the odds of breaking the key?

How should I go about doing this, or should I bring it to London Drugs and have them do it? (no Apple Store in Vancouver. Nearest Apple speciality store is too far for a casual non-hardware visit).

I am confident with computers, but I don't want to void my warrenty and/or **** over my macbook. I know it won't make a difference but 2.0 white.

PS- sorry for re-post. I just realized that the other forum isn't for hardware stuff.