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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by lsmoller, Nov 30, 2007.

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    Nov 30, 2007
    I have a standard issue Macbook. I use it a lot for school. Recently the thing has started falling apart. You may notice I am not using commas for instance. This is because when I hit the comma key it opens up my preferences tab in firefox and doesn't write the comma. All of the keys work except four.

    The comma key opens preferences
    The "zero" key types a zero and then triggers the "return" key so it skips a line.
    The apple key on the left side also likes to trigger the preferences window.
    The "enter" key two spots right of the spacebar triggers the "zero" key and "return key."

    Here is an example. I am going to hit the "zero" key 5 times.0
    And here is where the typing starts again. That's the problem.

    Next the cd eject button came right off the computer. Blunt trauma can be ruled out as this thing lives in a library or a sleeve in a messenger bag (solid protection) which is not thrown around abusively. It just decided to pop off when I opened the laptop recently. So I have 4 defective keys that have happened out of nowhere and a key has popped off.

    Next (and I'm really getting annoyed right now as I keep naturally hitting the comma button to form basic grammar and preferences keeps opening)
    and yes that end parenthesis triggered a return

    ANYWAYS since my hand is constantly resting on the computer doing something the cheap plastic case is coming apart and part of the casting of the outer shell cracked off right above the sleep light. You can already see the plastic starting to buckle around the USB ports as well (a lot of movement over there with plugging in iphone-camera-firewire stuff). I don't think this has anything to do with the keyboard problem as this is a minor case issue but this screams to me cheap.

    In general about me this is not my first mac laptop. I had an aluminum powerbook for 3 years that I did not have problems with that were not readily explainable. This one is turning into a nightmare. I know how to take care of the laptop is what I am getting at as I'm sure an initial response is "Don't drop it idiot." I can assure that is not the case. I'm perplexed at why this is happening and hope someone has some random knowledge about what is going on. I've checked and reset keyboard preferences and looked at universal access to see if somehow I've inadvertently done something. Do not see anything.

    So that should be a general overview of the problem. I've already scheduled a genius bar for over the weekend, but ANYTHING would be appreciated.
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    Nov 30, 2007
    Someone recommended I make a new account to see if my account was the problem - but that did not fix the problem. I guess that reduces the problem to hardware.

    Any help still appreciated.

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