Macbook Late 2007 - Hard Drive Upgrade?


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Apr 3, 2011
I want to upgrade my macbooks hard drive. What is the biggest size and speed (is 7200 rpm accepted? or do i have to stick with 5400?) for my macbook late 2007? Model 3,1?



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Jan 14, 2012
I recently got a MacBook 3.1 from a friend that had a bad hard drive and I replaced the stock hard drive with a Seagate 500 GB hard drive running 7200 RPM. I was a little surprised at how silent the new drive was as after starting it to format it and load the OS X on it I could not tell that it had spun up, it was virtually silent.

The other problem is that it need new RAM and I went and got 4 GB of RAM from Staples (the only place that had any) Once I got everything together I put it in and everything is working great.

Oh BTW this is my first posting and I have a hobby called collecting old MAC's and rebuilding them as I enjoy the challenge.


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May 29, 2011
I'd say go for the 7200rpm. I don't even think I noticed anything different from a performance standpoint, but it was the difference of a few dollars even a year ago when I upped my Late 2006 model from the stock 80 GB 5400rpm HD to a 500 GB 7200rpm drive.

Things got really sluggish as of late, so within the past month I went from the stock 1 GB RAM to 4 GB RAM (3.3 recognized in OSX). That seems to have helped a bit. Now I just hope my laptop can last for another year or more to make the investment worth it and before I can hopefully upgrade it.


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Jun 26, 2010
The only downside to a 7,200 rpm drive is it will consume more power (and possibly make more noise) then a 5400 rpm drive.

I wouldn't think twice in a desktop, but it's something to think about in a laptop.

As long as the drive is SATA and physically fits, then it should work just fine in your MBP.

Good Luck!!!
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