Macbook Lid & Aluminum body Issues

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Jeremy08, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. Jeremy08 macrumors regular

    Jul 27, 2008
    Ok, So I have had like 6, Count em, 6 replacement Aluminum Macbooks at this point. All 2.4ghz, the most recent replacement was December 20. I recently discovered that when i open the lid of my computer, the lid slightly rubs against the body of the computer, i also noticed that it has sort of worn on both the lid in a spot and the body in the spot they have been touching eachother. It is only on one side, the right side when looking at the screen. I also noticed it looks like the gap between the lid and the body when the lid is open is greater on the left side (the side clearing not rubbing) than on the right side....Needless to say, it is a defect, and I need to take it into the Apple store. Where my question lies, is do you think that I deserve/should ask for a different machine rather than going with another replacement...I have had so many problems with these new MacBooks, and I think that at this point it is a lost cause for me. i would rather go with a different apple machine if they let me. I have already contacted the manager and explained the situation and have scheduled an appointment for later today...What do you think will happen/I have the right to ask for?:confused:
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    Why were the other 5 replacements "defective?"

    Sounds to me that your are WAAAAY to picky about this.

    At least you're populating the refurb store with units that people will be happy with. ;)
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    Feb 24, 2009
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    Let's start off with your first problem...

    1. Nothing should be rubbing against each other, fair point in a mfg. defect. If the worn out part is due to the lid rubbing/grinding against the body of the MacBook, I would call up AppleCare.

    2. Gap between lid and body? Can't really give that one to you. Everybody has it, it doesn't seal/close even all the way - some people have it worse than others and you would probably have to go through about 20 (if even that) before you find one that seals perfectly.

    The computer you have now was from December? I doubt they will offer you a replacement being so far out (3 months?) If you had called in with the first problem when you got it, you would have more leverage. At this point, it will just be a repair but that isn't to say you can't call up CSR and argue your case, you just won't have an easy time getting a replacement or even a different model.

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