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    I have a white MacBook circa 2006--the Core 2 Duo (T7200) Conroe 2.0 GHz and Intel GMA 950 graphics model. I've thought about replacing it with a more modern MacBook, but with an SSD it works so well I just can't justify the cost of a new MacBook. Even after six years, it's faster then the average PC laptop with a traditional HDD in non-CPU/GPU intensive tasks.

    Instead of replacing the whole laptop I was thinking: maybe I could just replace the logic board with a board out of the Penryn model--which can address more RAM and has upgraded graphics in addition the faster CPU. Used Penryn boards can be had on ebay for a modest price.

    I've replaced the logic board in a MacBook before and I am comfortable with doing it, but always with the same board for that model. I can tell by looking at photos that most of the connectors and the heat sink are the same, but I'm concerned that some small connector (Bluetooth, temp sensor, or such) will be different.

    So what you think will this board work in the 2006 MacBook: ?

    Thanks in advance for your replies. The MacRumors forum is always a great recourse of experienced and knowledgeable commentators.


    Ok, so after carefully reading though the iFixit guide, it looks like the the temp sensor in the heatsink/ fan assembly has a single connector instead of two and the PRAM battery has a different connector. But both of those problems can be overcome by replacing the heatsink/fan and the PRAM battery with a version that fit the Penryn board.

    But, I'm concerned about the inverter wire. According to iFixit, the Airport card on the older MacBook board has a third connector for the inverter. If I use the same Airport card out of my older board, which has the third connector, is there any reason to think it won't work?
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    You wil need quite a few parts (other than the logicboard).....

    Off the top of my head you will need a newer style bottomcase, both speakers, new bluetooth board, new pram battery, new fan/heatsink, new battery connector and a new inverter to logicboard cable.......

    The good news is the wifi card will work fine....

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