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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Legolai, Jul 25, 2009.

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    Apr 3, 2009

    i've done a search on this, but i've found nothing specific to the UK. As much as i appreciate US input, and i would like any input on returns on Magsafe Adapters, wherever they have occurred, however it generally applies to UK trading laws.

    So i purchased my Macbook in March last year - so it's out of warranty, now in the past few days i've realised that my Magsafe adapter needs 'Tweaking' every now and again or it wont charge. So obviously the adapter is on the fritz and i'll need a replacement.

    Will apple replace it under the sale of goods act, as it's unreasonable that the power adapter on my £830 computer has broken after 16 months. OR even the EU directive that all consumer goods in the UK should have a warranty of 2 years regardless of what the manufacturer states. because £58 is ridiculous for a power adapter.

    i havent gone to apple yet, as its over an hour and half to the apple store, and i'd need it replacing when i go to the genius.

    any ideas?
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    You haven't found anything specific to the UK because your location doesn't really matter.

    Take it to your local Genius Bar and show them the problem. If they don't replace it, call Apple phone support and they will more than likely send you a replacement. They don't give you much hassle over faulty adapters.
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    It's worth a shot. Defiantly try calling, the response on the phone is often different to in store.

    You probably have a good case with the Sale of Goods Act as 16 months is probably well within 'reasonable expectation' for an expensive computer. I wouldn't start quoting law too soon though, may set off some alarms!

    Just explain and try to demonstrate that you have treated the charger well, the biggest obstacle you will have if they refuse is proving that you did not mistreat the equipment.

    I agree £58 is stupid money, as with a lot of Apple peripherals!

    Good luck!

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