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Dec 9, 2012
Now that Win 10 is out, has anyone tried upgrading their boot camp from Win 7 to Win 10? The Win 10 upgrade advisor that shows up in my windows tray states that there are no compatibility issues, but since Win 8/8.1 was not fully compatible, I'm hesitant to take the plunge until someone else who is braver than me tries it first.

Anyone try the upgrade yet?



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Jun 7, 2010
London, UK
Early 2010 models are actually supported, it´s just that newer drivers are not stored in Apple´s official forums which is why the boot camp assistant won´t let you install it... My 2010 MacBook Air runs Windows 8 perfectly fine.

I would update and look manually for the remaining drivers in case they were not detected automatically.


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Aug 2, 2015
How did you install windows 8 on your Air 2010? I'm currently trying to figure it out and I'm struggling a lot.
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