Macbook needs new fan?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by swingerofbirch, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Ever since I got my MacBook it's been the noisiest laptop I've owned. I had called AppleCare before to ask them if it was normal, and I called today after having been unable to record a podcast because of how noisy the Macbook is.

    This tech support agent took me more seriously and had me hold up the phone to the computer. He said the noise was definitely not normal and I should call an Apple store to see if they would be able to do an in store repair. He thought that my fan was acting normally (6300 rpm) but he said it still shouldn't be making noise like it was and that it must be hitting something incorrectly. I called the Apple Store and they said they can't tell me whether they can repair it or not until I bring it in.

    It's a huge hassle whether I send it in or schlep it to an Apple Store.

    Can anyone tell me is 6300 rpm fan sped normal on the Macbook? Things that get it to that speed include flash, recording audio or video from quicktime, running disc permissions......

    It seems to get so loud that I'm worried it's overheating to the point it will hurt the components.

    BTW, I use it on a wood desk, so it has air flow.
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    My fan spins up for all of those things. Is the problem that it spins up or is it making some horrible noise?

    Encoding video, Time Machine, Flash, and gaming are my biggest causes of fan spin up.

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