macbook newb- need help with time machine

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by TyloBedo, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Aug 7, 2008
    so i just got my macbook yesterday and i LOVE IT. it is the old model however i still love it.

    anyways it has a bunch of stuff on here i don't want and i would like to just reinstall leopard. HOWEVER, it does have ms offfice 04 and iwork 08 and ilife08 (they labtop orignally has tiger then upgraded to leopard with a "backup disk" i dunno if the "backup disk" has ilife on it or not, funny thing is the guy worked at apple) anyways i needed those things. so i was wondering is it possible to back them up with time machine?

    And next how do i use time machine? i have an 80g ipod classic and i plugged it in but time machine doesn't have it show up, i am guessing because its windows formated. however is it possible to backup to a drive on my windows machine? my windows machine has 3 partitons. 1 for windows 1 for linux and 1 for other stuff. can i reformat that partition and have it work with time machine?

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    Do you really NEED to reinstall Leopard? If so, Archive & Install will preserve the apps and give a clean install of the System folder.

    Time Machine, though it may work with an iPod in Disk Mode, wasn't intended to do so. Invest in an inexpensive external (at least 2X the size if the internal to take best advantage, and just point TM to it. It'll take care of itself. You can exclude anything you don't want backed up.

    Also, TM does NOT work with FAT or NTFS volumes; only the HFS (Mac) volumes.
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    Sep 13, 2008
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    You can format it with the Disc Utility.

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