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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by elephantstone, Dec 26, 2016.

  1. elephantstone macrumors member

    Oct 28, 2016
    Apologies in advance for this, these have definitely been asked before but rather than pick and choose in the search I thought I'd might as well ask in one go!

    I should add that I've had my MacBook Pro 13" TB for around a month now. I've been a Windows user all my life, this is my second ever Apple product (I've bought an iPhone and that's it), and in all honesty I've always been very anti-Apple, mainly due to price. However, I absolutely love this laptop. It's absolutely not value for money, if anything it's a joke, but I love it. I don't understand the keyboard gripes, once you get used to it it's absolutely fine, but it's just so handy to take around and so simple and easy to use. I think some people on this forum are far too anal over particular issues, in particular those who say Windows is 'awful' and 'horrendous' when that's simply not true, but OS X is very, very nice to use.

    Just a few queries from me anyways.

    1) How do I sync up my phone and Mac wirelessly? Specifically contacts. I've never used Siri before, and wanted to impress the family by saying 'Text X hello', from my Mac, and it sending from my phone, but it appears my contacts haven't been sync'd to my Mac, even though my messages have.

    2) Is there any simple way to flick between Finder windows? On Windows for example, you'd have 3 instances of folders open in the task bar. Does OS X offer any easy way to flick between this windows, or is it a case of clicking Finder each time and then choosing each one? It's not terrible, just wondered if I'm doing it the slow way.

    3) How do I set it up on this forum so that I don't get email notifications on every reply? It seems I have to do it on a thread-by-thread basis, but there must be a global function for it in settings? It seems whatever I change I still get emails! (Actually, I've just noticed I can untick 'Watch this thread', maybe it's not there on replies, I don't know).

    Thanks in advance!
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    Jan 23, 2005
    1. Probably the easiest way is to sign up for a feee Apple iCloud account then login to that account on your iPhone and MacBook. Then contacts and calendars can easily be synched back and forth.

    2. Try using Finder tabs.

    3. Go to this link and you will see an option in your forum profile to turn off the email notifications.
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    Weaselboy's solution is free and straight forward and once you start using tabs, there's less reason to have multiple Finder windows.

    As a long time Windows user myself, I went with PathFinder, a Finder replacement that looks and acts like Finder 90%, but has about 500% more features, including tabs & tab sets, split window, cut & paste of files and dozens of other features. I used to wish I had something more like Windows Explorer on macOS. Now I wish I had PathFinder on Windows.
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    Uncheck "and receive email notifications of replies" in Forums>Your Account>Browsing Preferences>Settings>Preferences:


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