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May 16, 2012
Hi, i bought my late 2008 macbook 13 white about a year and half ago as faulty! i won it on ebay for just over £100 it was described as not charging and the casing had seen better days!

After not receiving it for weeks the idiot finally sent it after some angry emails me and from ebay! and he knocked off £30 for the delay and messing me about because i wanted to collect it in person!

So i unwrap the macbook and there was no charger and loads of screws are missing! I get back onto him and he agrees to give me a further £30 back again.

I bought a cheap charger and battery on ebay £30 i think for both! and like he said it didn't charge! i then went for a long weekend away and just left it on charge, came back and to my amazement with the original battery it started charging and slowly started working longer and longer without the magsafe! and it worked for about 10 month maybe more! but stopped this month!

iv tried leaving it charging but no luck, i know this topic may have already came up on this forum and im sorry but im fed up of reading through pages blogs and forums to find a fix!

Can anyone help me?

i get (Not Charging) with original battery and (X) with the cheap battery from ebay (which did work before! magsafe is fairly new and genuine so dont think its that!

Thanks Arthur


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Jan 2, 2013
I've recently bought a 2008 macbook.
In first place, it didn't react when I plugged the charger. Later, is started charging veeeeeery slowly, it took 9h to fully charge.
Then it worked fine until it just stopped recognizing the charger. Not even the LED indicates that it's plugged.
The same cable works perfectly on another macbook air. I've already purchased a new magsafe port for the macbook, hoping it will fix the problem.
I tried sever times the SMC reset. Try this method: , hopefully it will work to you.
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