MacBook not compatible w/iPhone 7

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    Feb 6, 2008
    So my early 2008 MacBook isn't compatible with the iPhone 7, which requires at least os 10.9 and iTunes 12.5. I don't really want to purchase a new MBP, MB, MBA, etc. right now, so I'm trying to figure out what to do so that I can use my iPhone 7.

    I figure I have 2 choices - either install parallels and Windows on my MB OR buy the cheapest Windows laptop I can find to hold me over until I can buy a new Mac.

    What do you guys think is the better option for me? If I buy a new Windows machine, is there a way to install iTunes and point it to my MacBook for the data (music, apps, tv shows, movies, photos etc)? In other words, can I set it up so that I can sync my iPhone to iTunes on the Windows machine as if it was iTunes on my MacBook (which has everything I need). Can I back it up on the Windows machine as well so that the backups are stored on the Mac?

    I guess I'm just trying to figure out if there's a way to keep iTunes on my Mac synced with iTunes on the Windows machine. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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