Macbook Not Recognizing Battery. What's Wrong?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ktbubster, Apr 27, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Macbook not recognizing battery. Help!
    So I recently got a macbook to refinish. It was working when i got it, just dandily (minus the screen being broken) so i replaced that, and it was ... working great.

    Then I recolored it... still working great

    Then I accidently drilled through a piece of the piece that goes from teh logic board to the battery (the end that is screwed into the battery compartment and touches the battery (the screw was completely messed up and after many non-drilling attempt to get itout, i had to drill it out and slipped.

    Anyway.. not a huge deal. I actually managd t put it back together and everything still worked, and funnily enough it still ran off battery power, it just coulnd't charge the battery or recognize that the battery was indeed there.

    So I bought a replacement piece for that cord, took the old one off the logic board and put the new one in.

    Should work yes? No. still the same problem! it can't recoginize or charge the battery!

    now I ASSURE you that I didn't hurt/drill/mess up the actual logic board, this was far away from the board itself, just the tip of the battery piece/cord by the screws... AND i tried resetting the new cord a few times too to make sure it was attached to the logic board correctly. is there something i could be missing?

    So... what could be the problem? I am stumped! It should be working fine as I replaced the piece and everything. What are the chances I got another faulty piece?

    It also doesn't turn on with the power button now, it takes a few tries, the keyboard and everything works,but could the power button itself be messed up? Not sure how JUST that part of hte top case could have been affected.

    How else can you turn on a macbook other then that button? is there a way to just replace that part without replacing the whole top case?

    This is very very bothersome, since everything was working fine and even working (not recognizing the battery) after the recoloring.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    If you drilled into the wires of the battery connector and then applied power to the macbook, you may have damage the logic board by crossing wires.

    The power button on the keyboard is the only way I know of to turn on (boot) the macbook. If you have taken the top lid off a number of times, the keyboard connector can be damaged where it is folded. If this happened, the only way to fix it is to replace the connector or replace the keyboard.

    The battery connector does not need to be attached to start the macbook. Look at the logic board very closely and see if there is any charring at any of the battery connector terminals.
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    Jan 20, 2007
    no charring or anything... and like i said it booted up after that incident and worked, it just wouldn't charge the battery. hmmm

    secondly, I just find it odd that the connector would be messed up, since the keyboard and trackpad and everything else works on the top case piece EXCEPT the power button. It would be quite a feat I'd assume to just mess up that one part of the connector cable...

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