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    Greetings, I have a 4th generation iPad and am considering a replacement. My main computer is an iMac 27 and I have a Mac Mini in the entertainment system. I have recently converted all my cloud storage to iCloud, which is roughly 600 gigs. The iMac and the Mini are sync'ed with iCloud and the Mini also has a 1tb second drive as a Time Machine drive. So back to the iPad, I am leaning towards a MacBook. I tire of holding the iPad. No case I have tried comes remotely close to the stability of a laptop unless I am actively holding the iPad in my hand. I sit it on the table to browse the web while eating a meal and inevitably it falls over when I tap the screen. I realize there are plastic and metal stands, but who wants to carry one around? The different app ecosystems between IOS and OSX isn't really a factor. However, the premium for 1tb of storage (the minimum I need for everything) in a Macbook is very discouraging. The iPad has iCloud Drive, but my understanding is that there is no OSX equivalent. So, without lugging around a USB drive with the MacBook, it appears that I'm out of luck. What are other folks doing with a MacBook as their second computer when they require large storage space?
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    Depends what you intend to do with it and whether or not you need to be carrying 1TB with you all the time. Because 1TB external drives are cheap, and 2.5" drives are pretty small for something to "lug around".
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    If I went with a 256 or 512 gig Macbook, I would find it hard to choose what I didn't want. Would it be music? Pics and videos? Other files? I've tried to velcro a USB drive to a laptop as a "permanent" fixture, and that didn't last long. Technically it worked great, but the reality of living with it was not ideal.
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    I have the 512 GB macbook...

    Are you not able to stream things?

    I use to have hundreds of gigs of music, but now...everything is available to stream. That goes for movies/shows too (if you know where to look....).

    If you truly need that much storage, maybe look at the non-retina MBP's and install your own drive..

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