MacBook or MacBook Pro?


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Dec 10, 2005
Isle of Man
Hi. My dad has just bought himself a MacBook for work, and I have literally fallen in love with it!:p Now, it is the time for me to get a new laptop. But I ask myself, which one? On the new MacBook, I love the screen size (and glossy finish), I REALLY LIKE the keyboard and basically everything else about it. I like the MacBook Pro because the metal finish seems so sleek, and the speakers are good on it, you can finally get a glossy display on it, but mostly because it is the high end Apple laptop. But this is where I don't know what to get. The MacBook's speakers are not great at all but would do for me. MacBook Pro I love but it is very big. Right now I own a 15" 1.33 GHz PowerBook G4 and love it but it is very big. I can get a MacBook 2.0 GHz, 1 GB RAM, 120 GB HD for £1145 or something like that. And basically the same on a MacBook Pro for a staggering £1699 or something like that!!!:eek: This is what puts the MacBook ahead. But is going from a metal PowerBook to a plastic MacBook a kind of downgrade? But then again, I am only going to be 13 :p in October so is another PowerBook like computer out of my legue or silly to have again? Plus, with the MacBook's Intel Integrated Graphics, will a 2 GHz version with 1 GB RAM play the universal of Sims 2 alright with all the expansion packs. I would check on my Dad's laptop with Aspyr Game Agent but for some reason it doesn't seem to list the Intel version of Sims 2. Please help, I am in a real dilemma! :(


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Jan 5, 2005
Paragraph! *Use that handy enter button!* ;)

Anyway I think for what you need the MacBook would be better. You're only young so there seems little point in spending vast sums of cash on a MacBook Pro for the sake of some aluminum.

You also say that your current PB is too big, another point in favour of the MacBook. If sound is that much of an issue gets some nice earphones and enjoy it all on the quiet! I THINK it will be fine for gaming, as long as it's not real heavy stuff :)

I'm in a similar situation (I'm selling my iMac) and I'm going to buy the MacBook, it's just so much better value for those who don't (like us) need a powerful GPU and fast hard drive.

That's my £0.02 :)


EDIT: I'll also just point out that you may be eligible for the education discount, which would drop the price to £986 at your spec form Apple (white I assume).

If you buy your RAM somewhere else and get an external portable HD instead of upgrading form Apple internally you could probably cut that to £900 :D (Then you could always swap the HDs [I did say potable external HD] and stick the big drive in your MB)

Right, that really is all, I think that might even be £0.03!


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Apr 13, 2006
Seems like you should go with the less expensive model. I don't see any need for a Pro machine just to play Sims games.


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Jul 17, 2005
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I would ask yourself if you NEED a new laptop as opposed to WANTING a new laptop. From what you wrote it seems more of a want than a need. Your current laptop is very adequate at most things and you mentioned you like it alot, so I would be tempted to go with the philosophy if it ain't broke don't fix it mentality. Just my thoughts

Only 12??? crap you are one priveledged kid. Makes me wonder why you need a laptop at all lol