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Oct 22, 2006
Im deffinitley going to buy an apple laptop within the next month or so and i would like some unput if possible.

I was wonder if the resolution on the macbook pro's is that much better than that of the macbooks?

And i was wondering if the only difference between the macbook pro and the macbook is the resolution, video card, and screen size.

Finally, i plan on running parallels. Would a macbook pro make it run better if the macbook had the same HD and the same amount of RAM and the same processor?


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Jul 22, 2005
the concentration of pixels is faily similar between the MB and the MBP.

The MBP has faster CPU options, bigger and faster HDD options, a dedicated GPU, backlit keyboard, bigger displays, an aluminium case, better speakers, and is a touch thinner.

If they had the same specs, the difference in performance would probably be very small


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Jun 14, 2006
1. The increased resolution on the MacBook Pro is much better than that of the MacBook.

2. The glossy screen is not in the same league as the matte screen on the MacBook Pro.

3. The MacBook Pro has a backlit keyboard (much more useful than it sounds).

4. My MacBook Pro generally feels snappier than my friend's MacBook (both 1gb RAM, 1.83 GHz). I think the logic board on the MacBook Pro is generally higher quality/uses better components than that on the MacBook.

5. The MacBook Pro design is vastly superior to the MacBook's IMO.

6. The MacBook Pro's screen is much better than the MacBook. The MacBook's often looks quite edgy and way too bright. The MacBook Pro's screen is better than my Philips LCD TV...

MacBook Pro is definitely worth the money IMO, otherwise I would have gone for the MacBook, especially on the pushed budget I was on...


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Mar 7, 2006
Looky here for the differnces between them. Shouldnt the guide at the top of the forum be changed to "MB vs MBP' instead of "iB vs PB" just so there arent as many threads like these??


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Oct 11, 2006
Eastvale, CA
I think if you had to choose between these two notebooks, it would have to come down to two things...

MacBook Pro - costs more, and is larger notebook.

MacBook - costs less, and is a smaller notebook.

If it comes down to performance, that's a no brainer.

It's a MacBook Pro...;)


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Nov 8, 2002
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There's also somewhat of a difference in expandability: the Pro has an Express/34 expansion card slot. I don't think there are a lot of Express/34 cards available now, but maybe some cool expansion cards will appear in the future. For example: WiMax cards, next-generation Bluetooth, 3G/4G cellular modem cards, etc.

Anyway, 6 months ago I was faced with your choice and went for the MacBook basic configuration (only upgrade was to bump up the RAM to 1.25 GHz). The MacBook is perfect for my needs and I haven't missed anything I don't have on my MacBook (e.g. DVD burner, larger hard drive, dedicated GPU).
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