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Jun 25, 2015
I have a mid-2012 Macbook Pro purchased last year. I have had a logic board replaced due to RAM issues.
I recently downloaded iStat because I have started using graphic-intensive applications and felt the laptop heat up quite a bit. The temperatures have risen to 80 degrees Celsius and higher. I am currently using a very old separate laptop fan to cool down the laptop, and though the outer bottom casing is now cool to the touch, it appears that the interior is not when using the applications.

I know that Macbooks are capable of tolerating high temperatures. I have had to quit these applications after little use because I worry that it might shut down if the temperatures continue to increase (and my warranty is almost over). The fans haven't sped up at all to cool down the laptop, and it stays at around the 1950-2220 rpm range. I have read that they should speed up when temperatures rise, but this has not occurred.
I downloaded a fan speed controller which seems to do the job but I would prefer if I did not have to control the fans whenever the computer heats up...
I have also tried an SMC reset, which didn't improve the situation.


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Mar 14, 2008
Unless your computer has shut down out of the blue, it has not overheated.

80C isn't too hot for mobile silicon, they'll reach 105C or so before throttling.

Dark Void

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Jun 1, 2011
The fans spin up, but will only speed up accordingly if they must. It seems like your fans are spinning normally and your notebook is within the means of a normal temperature.

I hope this helps.


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Aug 24, 2014
Portland, OR
Since you have had a repair then it is certainly possible that something has gone array. If the processors are running consistently at 80C for more than 30-seconds then I would expect fans to run above their idle speeds. What program are you using to monitor temperatures and fan speeds?

I use both of these for testing:

- HWSensors is free but does not provide fan speed control:

- iStat Menus offers fan speed control and a free trial:

The use of an application that controls internal fans speeds could cause them to not function normally but since you have encountered this situation before installing then that probably isn’t the case.

Maybe try the following: Take a screenshot while using one of the above or another temperature and fan speed programs along Apple’s Activity Monitor. Email or print out the screenshots (removing private info if required) and send them to whomever did the repair work for evaluation.

FYI: A standard laptop cooling tray is designed to cool the surface of the laptop. To cool the interior CPU/GPU and other component temperatures you need to drive cooling air directly onto the processors and flush out the waste air. So those results are not unexpected.
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