Macbook pricing vs other manufacturers

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Dunepilot, Dec 15, 2006.

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    The macbook is C2D, yes. Where have you been? :)

    I think Apple Macbooks are cheap compared to similar PCs. Don't forget the C2D used in the macbook is a the t7400 not the lesser chips used a lot by Dell etc.

    Edit: And get him to price up a 13.3" dell and then compare. Smaller is not cheaper. Also a lot of customers get edu discount. My 2GHz/1GB/120GB/5400rpm black macbook cost 858 quid with 3 years warranty. I don't think Dell can match that.
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    No, I don't think that the MacBook costs more than other manufacturers'. I just helped my girlfriend go shopping for a laptop about month ago so I'm pretty well informed about what other offerings are out there. The fact is the MacBook is a great value for a C2D laptop at a compact 13.3" widescreen size and relatively light 5.2 lb. weight.

    The "closest" laptop to the MacBook is the Sony Vaio C190. When configured with a DVD burner, 1 GB RAM, and 80 GB hard drive it's $1269, so $30 less than a comparably equipped MacBook. The main differences between the two laptops are: the Vaio has an Express Card/34 slot, but the MacBook has a built-in camera. Also, the Vaio is significantly thicker than the MacBook (1.5" vs. 1"). And of course, the Vaio can't run OS X :) (whereas the MacBook *can* run Windows).

    Comparisons to other manufacturers (Dell, HP) are more difficult since they don't offer the specific 13.3" size. But the closest thing would be the Dell E1405. I configured it with the default (80 GB drive, DVD burner, 1 GB RAM) and it's $1169. Still in the same ballpark. *But* when you add glossy screen and draft-N wi-fi (which the MB has), the price goes up to $1248.

    The most impressive deal, though is probably the HP Pavilion dv2000t. Configured with 80 GB drive, DVD burner, 1 GB RAM, *and* a built-in web cam, it's only $1120. Unquestionably a good deal. So it comes down to if running OS X is worth the extra $180.

    P.S. My Girlfriend ended up willing to spend more money for Sony's ultra-thin Vaio SZ series. She was able to pick up one of the last remaining Core Duo models for $1689. Those things are 13.3" but only 3.8 lbs. Amazing machines - they're even featured in the new Bond movie!! Still, I'm quite happy with my lil' MacBook that I got for just $1099.

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