Macbook pro 13' 2011: battery autonomy

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Unyusok, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Aug 1, 2012

    I would like to ask you somethings. 8-9 months ago I bought the macbook pro 13' 2011. Some months after buying it I noticed maximum charge decreased, even after calibrating it. Now it marks a 92 % of design capacity. I have some mates who also have mac that their autonomy is greater than mine, being able to use they mac 7-8 hours whereas I only can use 5-6.

    I heard rumors saying that many batteries of mac boor pro 2011 are defective. Do you think is that true and maybe my battery is defective? Using 50-60 % of brightness and using chrome I can use Mac about 5 hours. Do you think my time of use is right?

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    May 16, 2008
    The built-in batteries in the newer Mac unibody notebooks come pre-calibrated and do not require regular calibration like the removable batteries in older Apple notebooks.

    It is perfectly normal if your battery health (maximum capacity) is more or less than 100%, even when brand new, or if it fluctuates up or down over time. For further details, read the CHECKING STATUS AND HEALTH section of the following link.

    There are many factors that impact your battery life. See the BATTERY LIFE FROM A CHARGE section of the following link for details, including tips on how to maximize your battery life.

    This should answer most, if not all, of your battery/charging questions:

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