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Mar 3, 2011
Hey guys, so I just upgraded to the brand new 2011 Macbook Pro 13" and swapped the optical drive and stock 5400 rpm HD for SSD, below is the recap:

Stock specs:

MBP 13" 2.7ghz i7 Sandy Bridge
4gb DDR3 1333 Mhz RAM
500gb 5400rpm Hitachi HD
Intel 3000 384MB GPU
Superdrive Dual Layer Burner

Upgraded specs:

MBP 13" 2.7ghz i7 Sandy Bridge
8gb DDR3 1333 Mhz RAM
Crucial C300 256gb SSD - Firmware 006 (latest) boot drive
500gb 5400rpm Hitachi HD (via OWC's Data Doubler) storage drive
Intel 3000 384MB GPU
USB attached 3rd party dual layer burner

Stock components

Uploaded with

SSD as boot drive in place

Uploaded with

Superdrive removed, Data Doubler with 500gb 5400rpm HD in its place

Uploaded with

The MBP is insanely fast now, 5400 rpm drive gets average of 65MB Read & slightly slower Write whereas SSD averages around 265MB. Geekbench score of 7000 32bit mode, 7800 64bit

Application boot video:


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Feb 27, 2011
Cool. Nice pics.

This is my plan, too. (Well, sorta... going with a 15".)

So, what process did you use to turn the SSD into the boot drive? Did you just install OSX on it, then boot the machine up with the SSD as the startup disk?

Did you remove the OS from the HDD then?

Looking for a good step-by-step.



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Jan 3, 2012
Nitra, Slovakia
I just managed this exact setup, except with 15" 2011 MBP, OCZ Vertex 3 120GB drive and stock 750GB hdd. Are you ok with disk noise coming from vibrations in Data Doubler? HDD bay is way better in this. But i could not get managed to boot ssd from Data Doubler. Have you tried this?


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Jul 19, 2002
Interested in this as well.

I purchased that daily deal from amazon for the 90gb OCZ agility for $90. Also got the OWC data doubler and 8 gb of RAM.

I am still waiting on the data doubler to take out my boot drive. But I was wondering if it matter where I place the SSD and HD?

I currently have a 7500 rpm WD. Would it be ok to stick it in the optical bay? or would the SSD be better off there? Is there any change in performance?

I have a late model 13" 2011 (core i5, mbp).

Sorry to hijack, but seemed to fit in this thread.
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