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Mar 17, 2014
I need some help I have MacBook pro 2012 with 500gb HHD 4GB of ram and dvd drive, I have 240 SSD Crucial , SSD caddy adapter and 2 modules of 4gb ram for Upgrade my MBP I like keep the original HDD but someone tell me that for better performance I need to put the SSD where the HDD is now because the connection is faster and move the Original HDD to the new Caddy adapter because that DVD drive connection is slow any suggestions please are welcome thank you..


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Jul 30, 2003
A couple of thoughts on your upgrade:
The information that you heard about the optical drive bay is incorrect. There is no practical difference in the speed of the connection between the hard drive bay, and the optical bay. It was true of 2011 and older, but not the 2012 models.
Both bays have the capability to provide 6 Gbps data connection.
And, the reality is: the hdd would be better left in the original HDD bay, because the Sudden Motion sensor (which stops the hard drive for a few seconds when a drop is detected to protect the drive) does not send a signal to the optical bay.
That can protect your hard drive, where such protection is not needed by an SSD. So, if you have any concern about that, installing the SSD in the optical bay might be a better choice.

If you are upgrading, that 13-inch 2012 MBPro can be upgraded to a maximum of 16GB, if you would want to do that, too.


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Oct 24, 2013
As others have said the sata connection in that machine is the same for both drive bays just put the ssd in the optical drive bay and make sure you make it the boot drive in disk utility and you should be all good. You can even configure the 2 as a fusion drive in OSX and it will organise your apps and data accordingly to optimise the speed between the 2 drives.


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Nov 23, 2011
Yep, all of the above. Also worth noting that the 13" 2012s have pretty flaky HDD cables so if you're still having any performance issues or intermittently get flashing question marks/no OS boot, just take it to an Apple Store/AASP and they'll sort out the cable free of charge. They have a silent repair program for it.


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Mar 17, 2014
Thank you for all the information that you provide to me very helpful
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