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    Hi there, it's been a while since I've posted on the forums. I remember asking a lot of questions before buying my very first Mac about 5 or 6 years ago. Lots of really helpful folks around here :) I have searched for similar threads but hoping to get some more insight.

    I am looking to get a new MacBook, this will be my only computer as I will be passing along my old iMac to my mom. I will mainly be using it for web browsing (with like a million tabs open though haha), watching videos, listening to music, word processing, browser games, and some light photo and video editing. I know this isn't heavy stuff but I want a MacBook that will last me AT LEAST 5 years, especially since I won't be able to upgrade anything on it.

    All 5 Macs I've bought in the past (not all for me :p) have been from Apple's Refurb store. I've been very happy with them and intend to also purchase the next one from there.

    I'm trying to decide between the July 2014 or March 2015 rMBP refurbs both with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD. The 2014 is 1,359.00 (CAD) and the 2015 is 1,519.00 (CAD).

    I'd really like the 512 SSD but I don't think I'm comfortable forking over another couple hundred for that too, so I'm hoping the 256 (+ external hard drive if necessary) will suffice.

    With tax the 2015 will be $180 more, which I guess is really not that much in the scheme of things but I've never spent over $1000 on a computer before (always bought base refurbs and never had a Pro before), especially with the (terrible) exchange rate I still think they're both quite expensive. I can afford either one but I'd like to save money wherever I can.

    One of the major differences is the new trackpad of course. I tried it out at BestBuy today and while I do like it, I don't think it's absolutely necessary. I also worry that with it being the very first release there might be some issues with it. I know if I have AppleCare I could get it dealt with it but I'd really just rather not. Are there any known issues with the new trackpad so far? I also read something about being able to use most of the features with the three taps on the old trackpad anyway? Basically I'm asking if you think it's worth it?

    Note: In case you want to recommend the new MacBook or Air, I've already considered them. There's still too much I don't like about the new MacBooks at this point, plus they're just as expensive as the Pro. I did seriously consider the Air (I had an 11" before and loved it) but I love that Retina screen more than I thought I would and I figure if I'm gonna go for the 13" I might as well just get the Pro, it's better in a lot of ways and it's not even that much heavier.

    So should I get the 2014 MacBook Pro and save a bit of money or just go for the 2015?
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    If it's only $180 more then get the 2015. Better graphics, twice as fast SSD, slightly faster RAM, and the new touchpad (you may or may not like).

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