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    Feb 26, 2017
    Maybe You can help me . I’m thinking about buying macbook pro with 8gb ram for development but i cannot afford 16gb or buy used one . So here is my question , will it work fine for minimum 3 years ? Im gonna use it for java in netbeans, mysql with workbench , virtual machine sometimes to tests but not all the time etc . I'm learning , i'm gonna try some web programming somedays and swift with xcode . Thanks for help and sorry for my bad english :)
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    Absolutely. Coding in an IDE is really just fancy text editing. A bigger screen will be your want in three years. Compilers are so fast now, unless you are constantly building a million line code base you will not miss 16GB or faster processor. ( At the million line level you should have a dedicated server farm and still, actually write the code on your Mac 8G ).
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    Yup, what 960design said, I'm a programer, I have a MacBook 12". External monitor if you have a spot you normally park your computer.

    Now, if you are making videos or movies and crunching large files in that manner, then more memory always helps. But coding normally takes very little overhead.
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    I'm not doing any video editing , the only thing i was worried about was that i need to run virtual machine sometimes to do tests like interaction between my app and other computer . When i read your answers , i went instantly to shop and i bought it with 8gb of ram .The screen is Awesome , and quality too . I've got an external monitor 27" ☺️ i hope that it ll work for atleast 3 years for my purposes . This MacBook Pro is my primary machine from now :)

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