Resolved Macbook Pro 13'' 2016 w/o Touchbar Keyboard Not Working

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Customer123, Sep 21, 2018.

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    Sep 21, 2018
    I purchased my Macbook Pro in 2016 right after they were released. It worked fine with no issues up until 1 month ago, when I noticed it started overheating for no particular reason. I could be watching a youtube video on Chrome with no other apps open, and my macbook would heat up considerably. I ignored this as it didn't really affect the performance of the laptop.

    One day, I used my macbook to complete an assignment, closed it, put it in my backpack, and walked to my next lecture. When I opened it up, the keyboard was completely unresponsive. The trackpad and screen were fully operational, but all of the keys on my keyboard, aside from my power button, were unresponsive. I resorted to buying an external usb keyboard, which worked, to log into it. At the same time, I also noticed my macbook started to overheat even more, becoming too hot for me to comfortably touch it, and that the battery drained from a full charge within 2 hours of usage. After trying to troubleshoot the problem myself, I decided to make an appointment and drive to my nearest Apple Store one hour away to have them look into it.

    When I arrived, the Apple employee who attended was not helpful at all, only performing tests to my keyboard I found online and had already performed myself. I mentioned the overheating and battery issues as well, but he simply told me that my keyboard was dead, and it would have to be replaced for a charge of $450, given it had been more than one year since I bought my laptop, and I didn't buy Applecare. I mentioned the issues I had read online surrounding the keyboards of my laptop's model, yet he insisted the repair program did not apply to my machine, given ALL of my keys were not working (He explained the program only applied to keyboards with only a few keys sticking or not working, not for all of them). I simply thanked him, walked to my car, and called Apple Support to verify that my issue was in fact not covered. Apple support verified the information I was given at the Apple store, and once again offered to fix my laptop for $450.

    Frustrated, and unable to afford the repair at the time, I resorted to a local laptop repair shop. The person there looked at my laptop, saying he had seen this issue in older macs, and that it was a simple cable switch solution, yet, upon inspecting it, told me it was not the same problem, given my trackpad still worked (the issues with older mac's keyboards included an unresponsive trackpad as well). He told me he could fix it for around $300, but that I should really try with Apple before I resorted to him. He was very helpful.

    Angry, tired from driving around all day, and overall frustrated from the situation, I called Apple one last time, and informed them of my issue, what I had found online regarding repair programs for it, and what I had been told about it at the Apple Store and previous calls. I insisted that I had taken care of my laptop (no external damage, water damage, etc.), and that I was unable to comprehend why it did not qualify for their keyboard replacement program. The person who attended me was very helpful, apologizing for the misinformation, and that my macbook was in fact eligible for keyboard AND battery replacement. They sent out a box for me, and within a week, I now have my macbook back with a replaced top case with battery, all under warranty.

    I just wanted to share my story to help anyone out there who might encounter this same issue. Don't believe a single source. Look into it and insist!

    Hope it helps!

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