MacBook Pro 13" DIY Fusion drive?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jamesjingyi, Jan 13, 2015.

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    Hi guys!

    So I recently acquired the latest model base MacBook Pro 13" (non-retina) from a friend and was wondering whether I was able to create a DIY fusion drive using an 128GB Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series and a normal 1TB Hard drive. I would install the 1TB Hard drive by replacing the CD drive with one of those (really cheap) caddy things. I have seen tutorials online and was wondering whether this would work because I haven't seen any specifically for the MacBook Pro. Just like if you have done it and have any advice or what you would do. I am thinking of doing this so that the drive will automatically detect what is used most often and keep it on the 128GB bit whilst moving the unneeded stuff to the 1TB one, otherwise I would just use RAID 0 or a spanned array (or will these do the things I want them to?).

    Thanks in advance for any advice given!

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    Here is one for MBP with mavericks....

    Looks like it is fairly easy if a bit long winded.
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    Actually a pretty nice write up. Covers a lot of install questions.
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    That's exactly what I have in my mid 2010 now. Well, I have a Crucial 256 and a 1tb. It's easy as heck. All you really have to make sure about, is you get SATA III. Mine takes SATA II, so I can use either. If you buy SATA II, you're screwed. I would also recommend a 7200 RPM on the DD. ALSO, and sorry I know my recommendations may not suit you, I would recommend the SSD be 256. To me, it was worth the little bit of extra cash to double it. I bought used SSD but new HDD. I only mount my backup drive when I need to access it. If not, eject and it won't spin.

    Some may say it gets hotter, this is wrong. Another thing I found out, was that black plastic tab will vibrate with sound, so I left it out. The drive stays in place with the mounting screws anyway.

    The thickness of the SSD isn't a big deal. Most will be thinner, and they will all work. You won't need any adapters, as is stated on some forums. The install is extremely easy. Other than having to install the OS, or clone the drive, it took me about 10 minutes. Use disk utility to mount the drive. I wouldn't mess with raid unless I had two identical SSDs.

    Other than that, it's pretty strait forward and a HUGE upgrade. If you buy a used SSD and a new HHD, it should cost you around 200 all together, if you don't count the 15 dollar enclosure for the optical drive.

    OH last and most important: Yosemite doesn't work well with trim support. You will find that your computer will kernel panic and not want to reboot. This isn't on 100% of Macs so you could get lucky. Mine kerneled, my wife's did not. All you will have to do, is install trim support, activate it, reboot mac, and if it kernel panics, just reinstall the OS. There are terminal commands too but I found it easier to just reinstall the OS and I've had no problems and trim support works just fine. The other option is booting into safe mode, running disk utility and doing the repair drive thing. That may or may not work, but doesn't take nearly as long as the reinstall of OS.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: The way I did it didn't require any terminal use and your native time machine application will work just fine for backing up and reinstalling on a new drive. Most of the stuff in the link is unnecessary, unless you are doing something more than basic SSD HDD installation.
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    He specifically asked for fusion.

    I agree mostly unnecessary if he is just after installation and manual management but seems like a good way to get the Fusion drive he requested up and running...
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    Thanks for your help! I have already got the SSD as it was a present, but it doesn't matter. Thanks for your recommendation of the 7200rpm HDD, I will definitely consider that.


    Thanks! This is the kind of article I was looking for, for some reason I couldn't find it...

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