Macbook Pro 13 (Early 2011) Charging Problems

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by born2lag, Nov 27, 2011.

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    Nov 27, 2011
    Recently I noticed that when I charge my macbook pro, the LED light on the magsafe would go green then orange to show that it is charging. However after a few minutes or seconds the orange LED light will go off (Stops Charging) and the whole process of charging starts again, green light then orange then nothing...

    I already tried resetting the PRAM and SMU. I also tried using different wall sockets for charging and it yielded the same results. However, when i borrowed my friends mac charger, my MBP manage to charge without any problems. When he used my charger the charging problem also occurred.
    So i decided to bring it to an Apple Authorized service provider sine they are no Apple Retail Stores in Thailand. I told the guy at the AASP that my charger was probably broken/faulty, but he said it was the receiver sensor of the macbook pro (The place where i connect the magsafe to my MBP ). He used a different charger (At the counter)and the LED lights when from Green, Orange then yellow and said the MBP needed to be sent to Singapore to be repaired and it would take 10 - 14 days. I said OK since my MBP was still in warranty and it would be free. Next day he called and said he fixed it by resetting something and that I could pick it up. At the AASP, the macbook pro didnt show any charging problems so i brought it home to charge.

    Now it has the same charging problem as before...
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    Nov 27, 2011

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