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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by klmckenzie03, Nov 7, 2009.

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    Jun 21, 2008

    This past Monday I took delivery of a brand new 13" MacBook Pro. This is the first laptop I have owned and so far I am quite impressed by it. I am coming from a 24" iMac which ran like a dream. The MBP overall is very quiet but there is one thing that I am noticing with the fan on the right-hand side. It seems that for the most part it will run at a constant speed but every 10-15 seconds it makes a brief pulse or "whoosh" noise. This seems to be related to when the hard disk is being accessed as I can also hear the drive seeking. I have downloaded the iStat Pro widget and generally the fan is running anywhere from 1994-2001 RPM's which I believe to be normal. I have left the widget open for quite some time and when the "whooshing" or pulse noise occurs the RPM's don't seem to change.

    I just want to verify that this is normal and that this fan isn't going to crap out or become a pain in my side down the road. Thanks in advance!
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    The fan speed is excellent.
    I don't think it's the fan you're hearing though, I think it's the HD clicking, perhaps?
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    I'd also guess it's the HD, or even the SuperDrive, if you have a disc inserted. Especially since they are both on the right-hand side, as you stated that that's where the pulse sound is coming from. The one and only fan in the MBP is located a bit left of the center at the the back of the machine.
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    After reading your replies I found a picture of the MacBook Pro's internals on Google. Based on your replies and the photo I am now certain that it is the HDD making this noise and not the fan. I didn't realize the fan was basically in the back-center of the laptop. Thanks for the quick answers! Enjoying the machine so far!

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