Macbook Pro 13 Geekbench Uncertainty. Question to owners

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by njsa04playa, Jan 12, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, i have a macbook pro 13 2.66 ghz 4 gb of ram and the stock 500 gb hd 5400 rpm, i am wondering how my geekbench results stack up to everyone elses. Just for some background info, the macbook pro's hd has about 100 gb of the 500 gb used and i got it as soon as the new model came out. It is about 9 months old and when i ran a geekbench test the 32 bit since im not going to pay for geekbench, i got a score of 3721 How does that stack up to other macbook pro 13 inch owners? I mean i feel that this is semi-low compared to other users experiences with geekbench. What could possibly bump this score up? I am not a big time user but i use the laptop for highschool and basically everything such as light video editing to recording in garageband to general safari usage. I am also thinking about upgrading to 8 gb of ram but am unsure which would give me a better effect, 8gb of ram or a ssd when the prices drop. If you bring in the ssd to an apple store would they be able to swap the hds for you?
    Sory for the boatload of questions but thanks to anyone that replies. My main goal is to get this macbook pro to fly but as low cost as possible

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