MacBook Pro 13 inch version and 16 inch version should be separated in buyer's guide


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Mar 13, 2019
The larger and smaller MacBook Pros, despite having the same name, are very different products meant for different people. And they are quite often not released on the same dates. At March 26th, 2020, it is a good time to purchase a 16 inch one, but not a good time for the 13 inch one, so I think it would be pretty reasonable to have them separated.


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Jan 20, 2005
We were hoping the 13" would have been updated by now, but unfortunately not.

It's a not-insignifcant amount of work to separate them, requiring back-end work by our developers and then a bunch of work on the editorial side to go back and re-tag many, many articles with the split product categories.

So for now our solution has been to leave it as a single entry with a cautionary recommendation and an explanatory note about the different guidance for the two models. We may revisit that though.
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